Spring is here!

Well it’s been a rocky few months, but finally the weather has turned and the government has made some announcements we can all get behind!  With the latest roadmap out of Covid, I wanted to throw some light onto all the weddings that have been affected over the last year and dig into some great spring wedding foodie ideas.

There’s something in the air with the first sun of the year and trying to dig out your sunglasses from last September that we can’t escape.  A bit of hope for the summer ahead, thoughts of crisp glasses of wine and late nights in the garden.  So it’s no wonder spring is such a popular time to tie the knot and bring a bit of that joy into your married life.  And if you’re planning a spring wedding, you’re no doubt already looking for that perfect feast at the centre of it all.

One of my favourite ways to cater a large event is a family style feast, conjuring up images of Italian families passing each other large terracotta bowls of fresh tomatoes and seasonal olives.  It’s inherently summery and sociable.  Your guests are encouraged to talk to each other as they hand round platters of delicious food, and the presentation on photos looks indulgent and colourful.  From Mediterranean Ottolenghi-style salads, to whole fish and roasted joints of meat, if you’ve got the right tableware then you can do away with centrepieces all together and let the food do the talking.

For a smaller, more intimate affair, then why not try something truly bespoke and personalised.  A tapas-style meal of small plates, each inspired by a happy memory can bring that extra touch to your wedding breakfast.  Whether taken from locations of your favourite holiday destinations, or inspired by your Granny’s famous sticky toffee pudding, a multi-plate feast gives some room for creativity and mixing and matching your dishes.

Spring is also a perfect time to make the most of British seasonal produce, and with the likes of asparagus, fennel and wild garlic coming in for the summer there is a bumper selection of flavour-packed veggies to base a dish on.  For meat-eaters spring lamb is at its best, and for desserts there’s a host of summer berries to decorate your cakes with or incorporate into a classic pavlova or fruit platter.