The story so far...


Back in August I celebrated this little catering company’s first birthday – one whole year since launching my Instagram and taking my first bookings.  After so many years working for other people, the project I had loved the most was running my own supper clubs.  Putting on those events gave me a little taste of the creative freedom I could have working for myself full time – and so I got my ducks in a row and eventually took the plunge with BB.

I was genuinely surprised at how quickly the bookings came flooding in – even before my kitchen unit was ready in fact!  But somehow I managed to turn it around and hustled a busy autumn and Christmas period out of my poor Mum’s home kitchen.  Ready for a fully booked spring and summer with weddings and parties, my unit was finally ready and all systems were go and then… well we all know what happened in March 2020.

But despite the challenges of the global pandemic, it has afforded me some time off to sit back and think about the future of what Black Butter could really offer.  I love catering special events, and I understand what a privilege it is to be so involved in someone’s special day – whether their wedding, birthday or just a well-needed get together with their besties.  But I’ve realised now that there could also be so much more to this brand that I’m working hard to build.

My first working life after university was in journalism down in that London.  When I headed back home to Manchester after a few years there wasn’t much of a publishing industry up here at the time, so I turned to another love of mine and went to catering college.  I still love writing and playing around with words – in some strange way to me it’s akin to playing around with combining flavours and textures on a plate.  And so here we are – I finally have a chance to sit down and start the blog I’ve toyed with for however many years.  A place where my catering clients can get to know a bit more about me, a collection of recipes to go along with my new Recipe Development offering and just an outlet to get some more of me out in front of fellow foodies, potential clients and anyone else who might be interested!

Steph x